BTB Taschereau

BTB Taschereau

Greenfield Park, Québec

Project Story: BTB Taschereau

Exterior lighting renovation improves aesthetics and reduces energy consumption for multi-use building

Opened in the 1980’s, 4890-4898 Taschereau Boulevard is a busy, multi-tenant retail building located in Greenfield Park, Quebec. The two-floor, 36,984 sq. ft. building houses reputable tenants such as Baton Rouge, Neuro Rive-Sud and Vimat – all well-known brands in Quebec. It is owned and operated by BTB REIT, a real estate investment trust that owns 70 commercial, office and industrial properties in eastern Canada.

BTB is renowned for its focus on providing comfort and safety in a well-maintained environment for its tenants and customers. To this end, the property manager understands the importance of an exterior that is well illuminated in the evening, providing visibility and a sense of security for all of its building’s tenants and visitors.

The company also takes sustainability seriously and actively seeks ways of reducing energy consumption. Converting older, energy sapping lighting to more modern and efficient LED alternatives is one way BTB is achieving this.

When it came to refreshing the 4890-4898 Taschereau Boulevard parking lot and signage, BTB recognised an opportunity for a win-win scenario by replacing aging high pressure sodium and metal halide lighting with energy efficient and modern LED lighting fixtures. Not only does the upgrade look great, it saves energy and dollars for BTB.

BTB selected Concept Illumination as its lighting partner. Tasked with revitalizing the building’s exterior, the lighting solutions provider set about assessing the site and worked through the whole project with BTB, from A-Z.

Concept Illumination evaluated the site, selected the products and hardware, conducted photometric analysis, completed energy saving calculations and installed all of the fixtures. The renovation project was completed in September 2017.

Greenfield Park, Québec
December 2017
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